Silent Struggles, Broken Soul

Adeife Adeoye
Jan 15, 2024


In the mirror, I questioned my soul: Are you happy?
The truth lingers, elusive as joy fades into chore.
Mental tides plummet, the weight, a relentless why.

Childhood dreams, once radiant, now shadowed doubt.
DMs and comments, cruel echoes of escape thwarted.
Traumas resurface, triggered by the relentless digital storm.

Years sculpted self-love, now shattered in doubt’s reflection.
“Fat” and “obese” whispered labels, restricting sustenance.
Morning scales, silent judges of a fearful camera gaze.

“Ugly” and “retarded,” worn-out insults, numb acceptance.
Maybe there’s truth, or perhaps it’s just the echo of words.
Yet, the hurt transcends, refusing surrender.

Addicted to negativity, I seek justification in cruel remarks.
Hate engulfs, here in this consuming darkness.
Tomorrow looms, tears wiped away, bracing for another day.



Adeife Adeoye

I write about my journey as an adult - lifestyle, dating, adulting, yada yada yada❤️